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Road Safety in the Czech Republic / Road Safety Week in the Czech Republic

Road Safety Week in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic participated in Road Safety Week 2013

The Czech Republic actively participated in the Second Global Road Safety Week, which was declared by the UN and held from 6 to 12 May.

The Ministry of Transport and the Road Safety Department (BESIP) support the Decade of Road Safety activities  for 2011-2020 and actively participated in this year’s Road Safety Week.

More than five thousand pedestrians are killed on the roads worldwide each year. These fatalities unfortunately also happen in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we undoubtedly supported one of the goals of this initiative – that no pedestrian dies during the week of 6 to 12 May. It is clear that this initiative is thus far a short-term plan; however, it should lead to long-term activities and behavior changes of all road traffic users, so all pedestrians can feel safe,” said Roman Budsky, head of the Road Safety Department of the Ministry of Transport.

Road Safety Week started on Monday 6th of May with a grand outdoor event in the Central park of Prague. The rich programme allowed the public to test the driving simulators of private vehicles and motorcycles, the Metropolitan Police prepared a children’s traffic playground, and there were many quizzes and games related to safe use of the roads. The experience of prevention was one of the most interesting parts of the event for many visitors, because through special glasses they could see what it feels like to drive under the influence, or having a concussion, which can occur as the result of a fall from a bicycle without wearing a helmet. Visitors could get their sight tested, and there was also a collision simulator which supports the usage of seat belts. One of the exciting parts of the event was a police helicopter tour. The opening day was also dedicated to the students of the High School of Nursing
in Chomutov, who were awarded for giving first aid to children hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing at the end of April. A similar grand event was held in the second biggest city in the Czech Republic, Brno, on 9th of May 2013. More than 50 different events under the coordination of BESIP and the Czech Police were held in the Czech Republic during Road Safety Week. Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers were reminded of the rules of safe behaviour in traffic – information leaflets and safety reflector materials, allowing for safer movements on the roads in poor visibility, were prepared for the visitors. 

Road Safety Week, Brno, 9. 5. 2013

Road Safety Week, Praha, 6. 5. 2013

The patronage of Road Safety Week included the Czech Prime Minister, Minister of Transport, Cardinal and Archbishop of Prague, Police President, and the Mayor of Prague. The President of the Czech Republic, top politicians, artists, athletes, and representatives of the general public expressed their support of the Decade of Road Safety 2011-2020 in the special videospots.

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At the end of the week a pedestrian was killed while crossing a highway (!) near the city of Brno. The cause of the accident is being investigated by the police.